a universal sigh (naushika) wrote in quadrupled,
a universal sigh

i've moved my graphics :)

I should have made this post ages ago but I never got around to it (so sorry!). I basically don't use livejournal anymore and have switched almost completely to Dreamwidth. I now post my icons at thisisagraphicscomm.dreamwidth.org which is a shared graphics comm with just me and one other person atm. I have the same username over there; naushika.

Here are examples of some of the icons I've been making lately:

*lures you in to the dreamwidth dark side*

I just wanted to make this post cause it totally seems like I gave up on icons but I didn't. Icons are near and dear to my heart. :D But I just don't post on livejournal anymore. So if you wish to follow along, here I am. Thank you. <3
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