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Graphics/Fanfiction of beyondthepen, dizzyknee, naushika, and sabersailor

i've moved my graphics :)
Avengers - P & N & J - lady trio
I should have made this post ages ago but I never got around to it (so sorry!). I basically don't use livejournal anymore and have switched almost completely to Dreamwidth. I now post my icons at thisisagraphicscomm.dreamwidth.org which is a shared graphics comm with just me and one other person atm. I have the same username over there; naushika.

Here are examples of some of the icons I've been making lately:

*lures you in to the dreamwidth dark side*

I just wanted to make this post cause it totally seems like I gave up on icons but I didn't. Icons are near and dear to my heart. :D But I just don't post on livejournal anymore. So if you wish to follow along, here I am. Thank you. <3

being human s3 screencaps
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio


Yeah so I was on top with my screencapping and then I wasn't.. but here are caps for all the episodes so far, up to and including 3x10. :3 Enjoyyyy.

24 comics icons
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio
20 (+4 alts) comics-related icons. :D From Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, Young Avengers, and Saga.


being human US 3x02 screencaps
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio


being human US 3x01 screencaps
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio


year-end icon progression meme
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio
I had a hard drive crash & I lost all my files. :( Hopefully only temporarily. I will be attempting to retrieve everything on the destroyed hard drive. But in the meantime, I don't even have an editing program installed on my computer, let alone have any of my precious, precious textures sob. So what do I do when I can't icon? I do an icon meme, of course. XD

Year-End Icon Progression Meme, from 2004 to presentCollapse )

148 icons holy cow
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio

This post is half a Once Upon a Time batch, and half assorted icons from various challenges and battles and things. :D

[Full fandom list]
64 Once Upon a Time
20 Teen Wolf
7 Fringe
6 X-Files
4 Doctor Who
4 The Shawshank Redemption
4 extended Marvel Universe
3 Star Trek The Next Generation
3 Star Trek Voyager
3 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
3 Revolution
2 Boardwalk Empire
2 Stargate SG-1
2 Parks and Recreation
2 Torchwood
2 Donnie Darko
2 Haven
2 Angel
2 Galaxy Quest
1 Contact
1 Office Space
1 Sunshine
1 The 5th Element
1 28 Days Later
1 Lost
1 Miranda
1 Breaking Bad
1 Battlestar Galactica
1 Dexter
1 Elementary

i'm done reading about heroes. i want to be one.Collapse )

noelle's merry christmas cap request post
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio

Hit me up with some screencaps and I'll do my best to make you some pretty icons! :D

A few more details.Collapse )

beauty and the beast icons
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio
20 Beauty and the Beast (+10 alts)

Read more...Collapse )

92 various icons
Avengers - P &amp; N &amp; J - lady trio
Icon dump :D

19 Haven (+11 alts)
15 Homeland (9 alts)
8 Elementary (+2 alts)
9 Teen Wolf
4 Revolution
3 Hunger Games (+3 alts)
2 Breaking Bad
2 Jericho
1 Dead Like Me (+1 alt)
1 Luther
1 Harry Potter
1 Deadwood

Spoilers for Haven and Homeland in here. :3

i hope you like earth tonesCollapse )