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84 icons from 15 movies

This year I made it a goal to watch 50 (new-to-me) movies, which is more movies than I've watched in any other year. (And I hit 51! With still two months to go in the year, woo!) I'm not generally a huge movie person, but this year I expanded my horizons a bit and watched a lot of movies I never would have normally bothered with. As a result, I've ended up watching a lot of really amazing movies. As I was nearing the end of my goal a couple months ago, I got inspired to start iconning some of them, and so decided I would do a handful of icons from each of my top 15 favorite movies I watched this year. This has been a very long project but I am pleased with myself to finally be posting it.

[List of the movies which have icons in this post.]5 127 Hours (+1 alt)
5 The Adjustment Bureau
5 Black Swan (+2 alts)
5 Drive (+1 alt)
5 I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
5 The Innkeepers (+1 alt)
5 The Kids are All Right (+1 alt)
5 Marvel Cinematic Universe (+1 alt)
5 O Brother, Where Art Thou? (+2 alts)
5 Paprika
5 Prometheus
5 Requiem for a Dream
5 Source Code
5 True Grit
5 We Need to Talk About Kevin


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tutorial: muted coloring

I was asked to do a tutorial for some of the muted colorings I get in my icons. It's been a while since I've done a tutorial, so I hope this is okay, and also clear. I have 2 basic techniques that I do when I want a muted color, so this is a tut for those 2.

This tutorial assumes you know how to do things like curves, etc. Also, I don't use Photoshop, but the steps are fairly general.

It also got very, very wordy. Sorry about that. At the bottom is a big list of texture resources as I <3 textures and have thousands. But I shared some of my faves. :D

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26 Battlestar Galactica icons

20 Battlestar Galactica icons (+6 alts)

These are for theiconquest, chapter 2 of the main quest. The challenge was to make icons inspired by another maker. I have long admired calikalie's coloring & texture work, so I picked her. :3 I wouldn't say I came anywhere near her level of mastery, but hopefully I didn't embarrass myself too much.

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Bloc Party - Octopus screencaps

232 caps from Bloc Party's new video for Octopus. Gallery here.

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I believe only a handful of people know that I actually have a screencap site located right over here. There's not a ton there yet. The most relevant things I have are all of Being Human (US) so far, and a fledgling collection of old school Doctor Who caps.

With that in mind, I am open to suggestions for things to cap! I am looking to get into capping some movies, and I'm willing to cap pretty much any music video. Television gets a bit tricksy because since tv shows go on forever I don't have a huge interest in capping something I don't watch. Regardless. If you want caps of something, hit me up here. :D I can't guarantee speed but I will try to get it done for you! Otherwise, I am just going to randomly cap things I'm interested in. :D